Piezosurgery implant site preparation in narrow ridge


by Dott. Giuseppe Sepe 13-04-2011 1602 visualizzazioni
Piezosurgery differential implant site preparation for 2 4.3mmX10mm iplants in narrow neck. The OT4 insert prepares lingual cortex for a correct implant insertion without any vestibular dehiscence. The surgeon preferred the occurrence f a little lingual dehiscence in a non esthetic zone (3.4 implant).

The fixtures were positioned in 3.4 and 3.5 for a 3 unit bridge with distal cantilever because the 3.6 site was very narrow and the patient didn't want a ridge expansion procedure.

This video shows the OT4 implant site differential preparation to gain a correct implant position with a complete vestibolar bone coverage.

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