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Absolutely fantastic. My front tooth dental restoration broke while on holiday, called at 18:30 knowing they close at 19:00 expecting to just book for next day. Instead, they offered to see me at 19:00. I was scared they would rush it but instead they stayed open just for me and worked 19:20 to 20:20 to fix it, happily making multiple adjustments per my request reassuring me it was no problem. In London I had previously paid £120 for 1 person to do it in 30 mins. Here, 3 people did it in 1 hour for 140€ and the result was better than previous job. 100% recommend.

Rating: 5

Nom Fals
Recensione Google del 31-10-2018

I'm so happy with the service I received at this clinic. They are excellent. I had to go there for some emergency dental work and I don't speak Italian, but it didn't matter. The team at Studio Mazzei knew exactly what was required and made sure I understood everything that needed to be done. They even gave me options on different treatment methods. Everyone there is totally professional and their work is outstanding.

Rating: 5

Greg Tomlinson
Recensione Google del 16-04-2018

My husband required the surgical removal of a tooth and a new implant and crown. Not ideal in the middle of a holiday. But the team at Studio Mazzei is outstanding. From the receptionists, to the dental nurses to the dental surgeons themselves, my husband received the highest quality, professional care. Skilled, thorough, employing the latest technologies and very caring of the patients. We fully recommend this practice.

Rating: 5

Gayle Neighbour
Recensione Google del 24-01-2018

Great dentist. Very thorough and professional. Explained everything in detail. Did an outstanding job with my complicated dental work today.

Rating: 5

fiona kong
Recensione Google del 10-03-2018
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